Turn SCREEN Time Into STEM Time

Online Programs To Help Enhance Your Child's Learning At Home!

Built to keep them plugged into creativity and socializing.

Online Programs LP, Brainy Bytes Cobb Cherokee

Brainy Bytes Online Programs

Online Programs LP, Brainy Bytes Cobb Cherokee

You Can Still Have Fun While Social Distancing

Online Programs LP, Brainy Bytes Cobb Cherokee

Give your children an outlet where they can learn and “hang out” with friends.

► Unique hands-on, project-based programs Introduce STEM in a fun and nurturing environment focused on student engagement, encouragement, and collaboration.

► Courses that easily feed into other Brainy Bytes online or onsite courses to encourage continued skill strengthening.

Our unique LEARN • CREATE • SHARE camp structure includes instructor-led learning, self-directed creativity, and group collaboration to emphasize student engagement and reduce required screen time.

Your first hour each day is spent learning with one of our amazing instructors as they take you through that day’s adventure in STEM.

It’s your turn! During this self-directed hour campers use what they learned to complete fun and challenging tasks. They can unplug and work independently or work with the instructor online if they need help.

Campers come back together for their final hour to share what the created and learn more from their awesome instructor and each other. It’s all about having fun and building friendships.

Something for everyone!

► Enjoy flexible camps and classes providing daily or weekly adventure in STEM. Morning, afternoon and weekend sessions available.

► Custom courses available. Looking for something for your small group? We can tailor a program to fit your needs and schedule. 

► Fun online birthday party or “get-together” options for your child and friends.

Online Programs LP, Brainy Bytes Cobb Cherokee

The Online Advantage

Enjoy STEM programs that are easy for both parents and students. Providing both instructor-led and self-directed learning ensures hands-on student engagement with the same high standard of learning as our on-site classes.

Fostering Skills

Each course is led by a trained instructor that is focused on helping students “level-up” their abilities. Above all, we want to make a lasting impact by teaching valuable STEM skills they can utilize throughout their academic career and beyond.

Flexible & Interactive

During these times, we understand the benefits of providing children a social outlet as well as a great learning experience. Our courses offer fun and interactive online environments that nurture creativity, critical thinking and class collaboration.

Online Programs LP, Brainy Bytes Cobb Cherokee

Your Online Providers

Online Programs LP, Brainy Bytes Cobb Cherokee

Locations Offering Online Programs

Please support your local business by selecting a location near you. If a location is not nearby, select from any of our friendly locations.

Current Courses Include

Comic Book Adventure for ages 6 – 8

Mini Coder for ages 6 – 8

Adventures in STEAM for ages 6 – 8

Minecraft Adventures for ages 8 – 12

Graphic Design for ages 8 & up

Game Coder for ages 8 & up

Ages and selections will vary by location.

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Brainy Bytes is and always will be a family-owned company. Our locations are owned by families that strive to benefit and strengthen their communities. As always, we appreciate your continued support during this challenging time. Together we will remain strong.