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STEM Educators

Educators, Brainy Bytes Cobb Cherokee

Increase Your Students' Potential For Success!

With a changing world comes changing needs. Onsite or online, we understand it is not just what you teach but how you teach it. That is why student engagement, encouragement, and collaboration are at the root of all of our lesson plans.

Cultivating students’ STEM skills while empowering their self-esteem helps to encourage higher achievements in school and prepare them for a successful future in a technology-driven world.


Promote critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, ingenuity, and communication skills with hands-on, project-based lesson plans for grades K-12.


Emphasize the value of STEM education in all aspects of learning (and life) with cross-curricula courses that immerse students in real-world challenges.


Boost creativity and self-esteem while instilling a passion for learning and STEM that they will carry with them throughout their academic career and life.

Two Ways Educators Can Provide Brainy Bytes STEM Programs To Their Students

Onsite/Online Instructor-Led Programs

Choose from dozens of STEM courses to be taught in your school or online by one of our highly trained instructors. Use the form at the bottom of this page to request more information or contact us today.
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STEM Educator Packages

No location near you? We can provide your teachers with everything they need to bring STEM to their students including curriculum, resources, and training.
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Educators, Brainy Bytes Cobb Cherokee

You can expect the best!

All Brainy Bytes instructors are certified through our comprehensive, centralized instructor training and certification program led by our team of curriculum developers and seasoned experts in education. 

Focusing not only on course expertise, our instructors are trained to encourage student engagement and individuality while providing a safe and comfortable environment that emphasizes collaboration and ingenuity.

Why STEM Educators Choose Brainy Bytes

► Access to the largest assortment of, one-of-a-kind lesson plans aligned with ISTE educational standards! Brainy Bytes is dedicated to developing unique courses that meet your needs and ensure your students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom.

► Project-based exploration allows for creativity and encourages ingenuity. Students enjoy hands-on active learning experiences where they have the opportunity to work both independently and together in groups.

► STEM Educators’ Packages provide an easy D.I.Y. way for schools to provide their teachers with the tools they need to inspire a passion for STEM in their students

► Our focus is on STUDENT ENGAGEMENT! Enjoy programs written to enthusiastically introduce your students to STEM in a fun and nurturing environment that encourages them to interact, create and have fun while learning new and useful life skills.

► Unequaled support and flexibility means we will bring our programs to you whenever it is convenient for your school and offer the best support in the industry to your staff and student body.

Educators, Brainy Bytes Cobb Cherokee

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Ages 5-8

STEM Educators - early education
**NEW** Exploring Jr Robotics

If your young children dream of creating and inventing with robotic systems then this is the camp for them!

JUST FOR SUMMER CAMPERS! Each day is a new adventure theme including Space, Dinosaurs, Shapes-n-Such, Music and Minecraft. We will use the NEW Buildy Bot zero-screen time coding systems to learn exciting and new ways to build and program mechanical creatures!  But that is just half the camp…. campers will also explore programming and coding with the very tiny and very cool OZOBOTs.

Will your team be up to the challenge of inventing, programming and creating to achieve new tasks and missions every day?

Exploring Jr Creation

We have combined two of our favorite programs, Jr Programming and Comic Book Creation, into one amazing camp. Learn early coding skills while programming games, puzzles, interactive scene clips and more with tablet-based, drop-down programming. Use LEGOs and your imagination to create comic books with story visualizer software. Your campers will love exploring and creating in this hands-on/minds-on camp. No prior experience needed.

After school class registration
World Of Jr Engineering

If your child loves to invent, program, or just see how things work, then this is the camp for them! We will introduce the world of engineering in our everyday lives. From mechanical and civil to environmental and electrical, each day will explore a different field of engineering. Campers will create in robotics, art, programming and more while learning how engineering is a vital part of their world and how they can make a difference.