General Policy, Brainy Bytes Cobb Cherokee

General Policies

General Policy, Brainy Bytes Cobb Cherokee

Please note, policies may vary between Brainy Bytes locations.  Be sure to check your location’s policy pages.

  1. At Brainy Bytes we understand that every child is different and brings their own set of tools, needs and experience to every class. We do expect the students to be on their best behavior during their time with us, but also realize that some students may have conditions and circumstances that may make this task unusually difficult on any given day. Our instructors are highly trained to pay attention to the needs of every student. Their goal is to make sure the entire class is benefiting and enjoying the time spent with us. Any discipline issues we may come across are handled on an individual basis so that we can take into consideration all sides and aspects of the situation. We don’t cookie cut our discipline policy because we know, no two kids are alike and we don’t want to treat them that way. When issues arise we will work with the students and the families to come to the best solution. This may include, one-on-one with student, time away to cool down, parent assistance on reinforcement of class guidelines, separation of conflicting students, extra assistance brought in to help when needed, and more. We always keep communication open with parents and school staff. If the situation involves physically touching or threatening, verbal abuse or threats, and other physical or verbal behavior that may be viewed as bullying, we will follow county school guidelines and immediately get the parents and school involved in any/all measures deemed necessary by Brainy Bytes or the school/county district. Extreme circumstances may warrant dismissing a child from a class because of conduct. Brainy Bytes LLC is committed to providing a safe, fun, learning environment for all participants. Our policies are set in place to insure that everyone has an enjoyable experience. We reserve the right to remove anyone who takes away from this atmosphere. Our goal is to make sure that every child in a classroom is learning, growing and having fun, while at the same time being considerate and mindful of those around them. To help us with this, we ask the parents to let us know of any learning or other limitations/concerns prior to the first session. That way our trained instructors will be aware of the needs of your child and the others in the class.
  2. The equipment and software that the students use remains with Brainy Bytes. We provide CDs and other copies of children’s work so that they may continue to enjoy their work after the class is over.
  3. Computer users agree not to do anything that changes the current computer configurations. This includes installing programs or updates of any kind, adding or changing passwords to programs or sign on screens, changing hardware or operating system configurations in any way, and downloading software (except GameMaker Games from the GameMaker Website). Users may NOT change the desktop wallpaper and resolution. Any alterations require the permission of an instructor.
  4. Users may access the internet for legitimate uses (research, robot designs, game sprites) only with approval or instruction from their instructor.
  5. For those activities where payment in advance has not been received, payment in full is expected at the time of drop off/program start time.
  6. Class cancellations: If the School District or the school where the activity is held is closed due to inclement weather or some other reason, Brainy Bytes will not hold classes that day. This is for the safety of your children and our employees. (See policies above).
  7. Brainy Bytes LLC does not discriminate for any reasons in admitting children to programs or in its hiring practices.
  8. Brainy Bytes, LLC is committed to providing a safe environment for children. Therefore it is our policy to run a national background check on all employees before they are able to work with children in our programs.
  9. Brainy Bytes is not licensed and is not required to be licensed by the state of Georgia.  Exemption documents can be found at or contact 404-657-5562.
  10. A copy of our liability insurance is available upon request.

Reservation & Refund Policy

Summer Camp:

  • Full payment is due at time of registration to reserve a space in a summer camp session.
  • $25 of the payment is a non-refundable processing fee ($60 if registered through ActivityHero), the remainder of the payment is refundable until April 15.  Between April 15 and May 15 a 50% refund will be given for any cancellations.  After that time, there are no refunds available unless the space is filled by another child on the waiting list.
  • However, up to one week before camp date, you may request to change your week of camp as long as there is space available. There is a $20 processing fee for changing a camp. Due to staffing considerations and the difficulty to fill your child’s space within one week of the date, we cannot accommodate camp changes after that time.
  • Please note that camps changed within the three week period of time will not be available for a refund of any type at a future date.
  • If payments need to be arranged, please contact us directly for reservation placement. (Credit card is required to hold spot)

Year Round Camps:

  • Full payment is due at time or registration to reserve a space in camp session
  • $10% of payment is non-refundable processing fee.
  • For cancellations a week or more before the event, 50% payment will be charged. The full fee will be charged for cancellations 6 days or less before the start of the event..
  • For changes more than 24 hour before the event, a $15 change fee per reservation will be charged.

School Year Programs :

  • Full payment is required to reserve a space in a program.
  • For cancellations a week or more before the event, 50% payment will be charged. The full fee will be charged for cancellations 6 days or less before the start of the event.
  • For changes more than 24 hour before the event, a $15 change fee per reservation will be charged.
  • Refunds will not be made for voluntary drops from the course once the program has started.  (Unless due to special circumstance such as moving out of the school district, then a credit will be given for future use.)
  • If a child misses an after school class because of illness or injury, no refund is made.
  • If a child is removed from the after school program due to behavior issues, no refund is made.
  • If a child misses a program because of inclement weather or through some fault of the school/county we will make every attempt to reschedule the time missed but can not make any guarantees due to school/organization schedules. Refunds will not be given but the following will be done when possible.
    1 day missed – lesson will be made up in future class or added to the remaining classes.
  • Subsequent days – If additional days are missed we will make up the day if possible but can not add any further additional time to the end of classes.
  • If a child misses a program because of some fault of Brainy Bytes’, the day will be made up completely or they will receive $20 credit for another activity. Refunds will not be given.

Birthday Parties:

  • A credit card number, expiration date, phone number and billing zip code are required to reserve a birthday party space.
  • A $50, non-refundable deposit will be charged upon reserving your date (this will go towards your total due). The credit card will not be charged the remaining due until after the event unless there is a cancellation.
  • For cancellations 2 weeks or less before the event, an additional $50 cancellation fee will be charged.
  • For cancellations more than 2 weeks before the event, no additional charges but your deposit will be held.
  • For time changes less than 2 weeks before the original date, a $50 time change fee will be charged.
  • For time changes more than 2 weeks before the original date, a $25 time change fee will be charged.

Late Pick – Up Policy (for camps and after-school)

  • All children should be picked up promptly at the appropriate time. The following is the price list for late pick up: 1-5 minutes – free, 5-10 minutes – $10, $1 for each minute thereafter

Ages 5-8

STEM Educators - early education
**NEW** Exploring Jr Robotics

If your young children dream of creating and inventing with robotic systems then this is the camp for them!

JUST FOR SUMMER CAMPERS! Each day is a new adventure theme including Space, Dinosaurs, Shapes-n-Such, Music and Minecraft. We will use the NEW Buildy Bot zero-screen time coding systems to learn exciting and new ways to build and program mechanical creatures!  But that is just half the camp…. campers will also explore programming and coding with the very tiny and very cool OZOBOTs.

Will your team be up to the challenge of inventing, programming and creating to achieve new tasks and missions every day?

Exploring Jr Creation

We have combined two of our favorite programs, Jr Programming and Comic Book Creation, into one amazing camp. Learn early coding skills while programming games, puzzles, interactive scene clips and more with tablet-based, drop-down programming. Use LEGOs and your imagination to create comic books with story visualizer software. Your campers will love exploring and creating in this hands-on/minds-on camp. No prior experience needed.

After school class registration
World Of Jr Engineering

If your child loves to invent, program, or just see how things work, then this is the camp for them! We will introduce the world of engineering in our everyday lives. From mechanical and civil to environmental and electrical, each day will explore a different field of engineering. Campers will create in robotics, art, programming and more while learning how engineering is a vital part of their world and how they can make a difference.